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Does pain killer helps on migraine ?? | Commonly asked question almost everywhere.

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Pain killer helps on migraine? Today I am going to cover a most commonly asked question, does pain killers over the counter help on dealing with migraine? Some says OTC pain killers can only lower their feel for 3 to 4 hrs but they cant completely get relaxed with it. If

How migraine feels like ? | The worst that patient can feel |

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How can a migraine patient can describe their pain? You can ask any patient who are dealing with migraine. They will surely explain you the worst thing that can happen to your head. Its feel like I just don’t want to die with this pain. Most of the person can

Curing migraine may be weird for others

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Dealing with migraine sometimes seems to be weird For migraine everyone has different experience and ways to deal with. As migraine triggers some feels it due to bright sun or bright light in the office, some says having  some food items leads to migraine for them. So there may any